Hot water system hard to light

–       Faulty gas regulator not allowing sufficient gas flow

Replace regulator

–       Dust contamination into heater pilot light area

Blow out area with compressed air

–       Wind blowing out water heating flame

Partially close outer door to shield flame

–       Air in gas line after bottle change

Bleed air from gas line by starting the stove and or bleed air from the system using the bleed screw on the side of the HWS (contact AOR if attempting this).

Water pump pulses or won’t turn off automatically

–       Head pressure of pump incorrect

Contact AOR for adjustment procedure

–       Air leak in suction side of pump

Check all filters/fittings and hose clamps

–       Water leak in plumbing system

Check all internal/external hoses/taps for leaks.

*Please note the water pump can be isolated at the isolation switch on the main control panel.

No 240 volt mains power in trailer power points

Ensure power cord is switched on and inserted firmly into inlet socket.

Check 240 volt safety switch has not tripped. (This occurs occasionally on rough roads).

No 240 volt power available from inverter circuit

Ensure inverter is switched on at control switch.

Check inverter mega fuse in electrical compartment.

Check 240 volt inverter safety switch has not tripped. (This occurs occasionally on rough roads)

No 12 volt power in trailer

Check 30 amp main fuse in fuse box and both the resettable circuit breakers

Check battery terminals are tight.

Macerator toilet fuse blowing

Check 30 amp toilet fuse in fuse box.

Check main 30 amp fuse in fuse box.

Reverse flush pump out outlet using the short hose supplied as the impellor could possibly be jammed with waste (Black tank pump only).

Toilet losing water when traveling

First things to check:

  • On top of the U-bend there is a duck valve, remove this and clean thoroughly
  • Check the pipe attached to the U-bend is clear of debris
  • Remove the pipe from the filter and check it hasn’t been overflown from incorrect flushing procedures

Toilet not flushing

First things to check:

  • No water in the tank, fuse blown for pump, pump not primed
  • If you have run out of water in the tank, the pump will have to be primed
  • If you have a recycle system, the filter must be cleaned and checked before priming again

Hot water system

First things to check:

  • Check there is gas in your bottle, the gas turned on, and the outside metal cover open plastic HWS dust cover is removed
  • When switching on the system, can you hear a clunk and can you hear the ticking sound?