When not using your trailer, we recommend you keep it plugged in to the Mains 240 volt power supply to keep the batteries maintained. There is a ‘Storage Mode’ function as part of your BMS or battery monitoring system, that can be selected. This mode isolates all 12v loads and reduces the draw from the BMS its self. This mode will also allow the BMS to run tests on your batteries and maintain their health over a long period of storage.

We recommend you have a charging source available while storing your van. This includes solar and/or 240V mains.

A 15 amp power cord is required. You can purchase converters (Ampfibian brand) online or an electrician can wire a 15 amp circuit to your home. All caravan parks supply 15amp outlets.

Monitor battery voltage and State of Charge at all times via the battery monitor display on the control panel.

The batteries used in all AOR trailers are maintenance free, in that they are fully sealed and do not require the electrolyte levels to be checked. The batteries do however need to be maintained in a fully charged state after use to prolong their service life. When using the solar system to charge the batteries, you should regularly monitor the battery state of charge, particularly if there is persistent heavy cloud and or if heavy electrical loads are connected.

When using the trailer for overnight stops, there should be enough battery power if the tow vehicle’s 12 volt system has been used to charge the batteries during the days driving via the Anderson plug. If staying in the one spot for a prolonged period, do not rely on the vehicle’s charging system to maintain the batteries.
Damage will occur to the batteries if they are left for long periods without charge or the battery voltage drawn down below the low voltage disconnect setting and not recharged again before they are used.

Remember to regularly check the batteries State of Charge!

CAUTION: Do not allow the battery voltage to drop below 12.4 volts for AGM and 12.8 volts for lithium batteries. Due to the number of variables and potential abuse associated with batteries they are NOT covered by AOR’s warranty. Please read and take heed of the battery information supplied with this manual.