System description: ALL vans pre Manager 30 system

  • Ozcharge 30A AC battery charger or CTEK AC charger
  • Ozcharge LVD 50A (Low voltage disconnect device).

Options include:

  • Morningstar solar regulator (Prostar or Sunsaver)
  • VSR isolator relay for Vehicle input.
  • BM1 (Battery monitor display)
  • Redarc BCDC 1240 (DC to DC charger with vehicle and Solar inputs)


We recommend that you should check your batteries state of charge every 4-6weeks depending on the health or age of your batteries. If charge is below 50% or 12.4V, connect van to mains to activate AC charger or provide solar input until van is fully charged.

  1. Isolate your 12v system by switching the Oz charge Low Voltage Disconnect unit to the “OFF” position.

Do this step for all long-term storage situations.

NOTE: Turn “OFF” your inverter!

There is a switch on all inverters that will isolate it completely and prevent added discharge to your batteries.

  1. Mains Available:

Charge your system to 100% then disconnect from mains. If you have an Ozcharge charger, you can disconnect the Gray Anderson plug from the end of the charger. This will help prevent the chargers small draw from adding to the systems discharge.

CTEK charges do not continue to draw and will not need to be disconnected from batteries.

Check batteries every 4 weeks to see how quickly the system discharges. If state of charge still high and voltage well above 12.4V, leave for another few weeks and check again. This will give you a reference for the self-discharge rate of your batteries. The older or   the more well used your batteries, the quicker the self-discharge. If your batteries discharge very quickly, then you may need to consider getting a professional load test done.

  1. Solar Available:

This is the ideal storage situation if you plan to store for a very long period. Follow the steps above, then leave the solar to maintain your batteries!