Paint oxidization – caring for your trailer

What is oxidization?
Oxidation is a chemical process that causes paint to break down over time from exposure to heat and oxygen.

How can you prevent this?

  1. Wash, polish and spray wax the body of your trailer
  2. Store inside whenever possible
  3. Use a caravan cover whenever possible

Removing light oxidation:
Deep polish using a polishing foam pad and a dual-action buffing machine.

Removing moderate to severe oxidation:
What you’ll need: 
high speed or rotary buffing machine, cutting compound, wool buffing pad, spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol mix with water, 80/20, painters masking tape.
How to remove:

  1. Clean and dry surfaces.
  2. Tape off areas that could potentially be damaged like lights, vents, sticker, etc.
  3. Start polishing.
  4. After polishing over an area, clean that area with isopropyl alcohol. This process will clean oils from surfaces and reveal the amount of oxidation that is left.
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 until all oxidation is removed from your van.
  6. Apply the light oxidation removal polishing process to remove swirls marks and enhance gloss.
  7. Apply wax for protection and extra enhancement.

Please note: if your trailer is ceramic coated, the coating will need to be reapplied after buffing.