• Remove any food items from the fridge
  • Prop the fridge door open, laying a tea towel over the door opening to allow air in and the compartment to breathe
  • Clean fridge and place paper towel on shelf to help absorb moisture
  • Remove any perishable food items from the trailer that may attract unwanted pests/vermin when in storage
  • Relax windows into storage position to take compression off window seals only if trailer is stored under cover as windows are now not watertight or dust proof
  • Empty the black water at suitable dump point and grey water tank
  • Carryout flush rescheme of both black and grey water tanks including flush of black water pump forward and reverse flush
  • Fill recycle system tank
  • Relax roof catches on pop top trailers when stored
  • Plug the trailer into 240 mains power to keep batteries topped up ready for the adventure.
  • Set the Battery management system (BMS) into storage mode as per the relevant brand owners guide being either Redarc or Finscan
  • Please refer to General Maintenance of systems and components for helpful information regarding the cleaning of your trailer
  • Leave freshwater tanks full when in storage, drain and refill with fresh before your next trip
  • Tank freshener can be added to grey and recycle tanks to combat odour example’s below
  • Tank Cleen is also effective for water tanks
aor recommended tank cleaner
aor tank cleen