1. Please ensure you remember to remove the dust cover cap from the diesel exhaust before completing the following:
  2. To turn heater on, turn the dial at to the main control panel clockwise to the fully on position for 5 minutes (as this burns off any residual carbon from the combustion chamber) then adjust until desired temperature is achieved (refer picture 5.0).
  3. To turn off, turn dial all the way counter clockwise.

Diesel Heater Care

  • Where possible source premium quality fuel (preferably Alpine or Winter diesel)
  • Where possible do not fill directly from a fuel bowser but into a separate suitable container as the bowser pressure can stir up any sediment in the tank
  • When filling your heater fuel tank from your container do so through a cloth filter such as “Pearson’s strain & save” cloths
  • Kerosene may be added to the fuel at 10-15%. This assists in lifting the gel point of diesel to stop the fuel from thickening in cold weather also the kerosene has a light cleaning effect through the system
  • A quality fuel additive such as “Chemtech” fuel additive can be used to control algae and bacteria in the fuel
  • The hole in the tank breather line must be inspected regularly to be clear, any blockage will allow a vacuum to develop in the tank creating flow problems
  • Ensure that all fittings on the fuel line are tight and that there is no damage from stones. A loose fitting may show no sign of leakage; air can still be drawn in under suction
  • When flushing the tank, and refilling with fuel, elevate the front of your trailer safely as high as possible to allow gravity to assist in priming the unit, sometimes it may take several starts before it settles
  • Having a spare filter is good insurance, these can be obtained from service
  • The quality shelf life of good diesel is approximately 4 months.