How to remove a protective sticker and stain

To remove a protective sticker and stain, please follow the below process.

    1. Start by putting the van in the midday sun to warm the protective sticker up.
    2. Once the sticker has warmed up, start to peel the sticker off (don’t be alarmed if it starts to ‘spider web’ this is common).
    3. Once the sticker is removed as much as possible, clean over the area with Turps to remove all sticky residue.
    4. Once cleaned, grab 2000 sandpaper and water to lightly wet sand the area to remove the stain.
    5. Next use an electrical buff and automotive cutting compound to smooth out the area.
    6. If you would like to apply a new protective sticker, these can be purchased from AOR. (Optional)
AOR remove protective sticker