Macerator Toilet Troubleshooting

Water isn’t coming in

Has the van been sitting for any length of time without having been turned over?
Do you have water in the tank? Have you run out of water?

Solution: prime the toilet, get the impeller wet so it can create suction to draw water up.

Solution: recycle tank – check the filter for blockages first, clean the filter and fill the tank. Leave the vent cover on as it will force the water up the line into the toilet. Once water starts to flow into the toilet, turn water off and push button to confirm it is working.

Water not going out when pushing button

Solutioncheck for blockages in the following locations:

  1. Right hand side rear of trailer u-bend in the white line – check for kinks
  2. Non return valve in base of toilet
  3. Non return line in the line between the toilet and pipe in before it gets to the chassis rail
  4. Inlet pipe going into the black tank

Water keeps filling up in the bowl then slowly goes down.

Solutioncheck for blockages (see above).

Water not staying in bowl after driving along

Solution: air vents may be blocked on either duck valve behind the shower wall. To get to this the drawers must be removed to access the duck valve that is on top of the u-bend that we have screwed to the wall.

Solution: if the tank has been overflowed it will be blocking the charcoal filter and cause a vacuum affect.

Water does not come into the bowl after the water tanks have been emptied

Solution: this is common because when emptying the tank, it creates a vacuum in the lines drawing the water back. The remedy is to prime the toilet.

Push button and nothing happens

Solution: the motor has seized up and the impeller has stuck itself to the inside of the pump. Turn the engine over from the shaft at the rear of the pump releasing the impeller. We now have a custom-made spanner available through the AOR Service for $42.00. Prime the pump.


Push button motor works then dies

Solution: caused by lack of water inside the pump, prime the pump, change fuse and try again.

Push button blows fuse

Solution: see push button and nothing happens solution.


Water keeps filling up in the bowl then slowly goes down

Solution: see push button and nothing happens solution.


Understanding how the pump works  

To understand your system correctly, please refer to this extensive 20 page user manual.

Priming the pump

There are a few ways to prime the pump:

  1. Blocking the bottom of the toilet and letting it fill to the top, letting it backflow into the pump through the holes in under the rim.
  2. Forcing the water back down the holes under the rim using a hose, squeezing the end together until the water flows back out the other holes. Then pushing the button at the same time until the water flows out the holes. This is achieved best from using the tap on the front of the van as it is limited pressure unlike town water pressure which is normally double filling the toilet up before you achieve the desired result.