Safety is paramount when heading off road. Our gas safety checklist will help ensure you have a safe off road adventure. If you have questions or need advice on your AOR gas system, contact AOR Service.

Gas Safety Checklist

  • Never travel with your gas cylinders valves open, always turn off when appliances not in use.
  • Clean your paper roof vent filter regularly (more often when traveling on dirt roads).
  • Only use your door vent cover when traveling on dirt roads (not storage).
  • It’s recommended that you open a window slightly when your internal cook top is in use.
  • Never use your cooking appliances for comfort heating.
  • Only use external cook top bayonet for your supplied cook top, never for a space heater or BBQ (from as5601.1 Appendix G).
  • Familiarize yourself with the odor of unburnt LP gas to assist in the early detection of leaks.
  • Check your connections at appliances, regulators, hoses and cylinders periodically for leaks with soapy water or equivalent, NOTE: this should be done at least annually.
  • In the event of fire immediately close the cylinder valve if safe to do so.