Fire Safety

Your fire extinguisher can be found inside the entry door. The extinguisher should always be full and at the correct pressure. Annual checking by your local fire brigade is recommended.

Wheel Nuts

Check wheel nuts for tightness at first 50km interval, then every 100km for the next 400km.  It is your responsibility to check the wheel nuts prior to and during each trip.

Bearing Servicing

Check and adjust wheel bearings after the first 2,000km. Check and service wheel bearings and brakes at 10,000 km intervals. Refer to Service and Warranty booklet for full details.

Water Crossings

Check and re-grease the wheel bearings after immersing the axles in water.  Refer to warranty conditions.

Disconnected Batteries

If the batteries have been disconnected at any time, please note that the black tank gauge will have to be recalibrated. The Redarc charger will also need recalibrating (refer to page 23).

Tyre Pressure

Sealed road tyre pressure should be set at 42psi (290kPa). For off road or dirt road driving, lower the tyre pressure to 25psi (170kPa) cold or 30psi (205kPa) hot, or less when on badly corrugated roads to avoid suspension and tyre damage. Reduce speed according to conditions.

Town Water Supply

DO NOT connect the ‘River Access System’ (RAS) to the town water supply, as it will damage the water system.  The piping, fittings and pumping system are low pressure and not designed for town water supply pressure.


After camping near salt air, wash your trailer thoroughly and apply a liberal coating of Inox or WD40 to all steel, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces.  Allow to soak in for 24hrs and wipe off residue or wash off with car wash.

Toilet System

Use biodegradable toilet paper in the macerator toilet system (see macerator system in this manual).


If any welding is required to be carried out on your trailer, the batteries MUST be disconnected, and the Hot Water System (HWS) circuit board must also be removed prior to this task.  When welding is complete, reinstall heater circuit board and reconnect the batteries.

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

ATM is stamped on your VIN plate. Ensure the ATM of your trailer is never exceeded by overloading.