Wheel Stud Engineering Report

AOR organised for an engineering analysis to be performed in relation to the torque settings (wheel studs) used by AOR and our owners. This was in response to some questions raised across the many AOR forums. The analysis investigated the below stud loading scenarios for grade 8.8 steel and grade 10.9 steel (wheel studs) subject to 155Nm and 209Nm.

As a result, it was identified that most of AOR’s torque settings sit above proof load threshold and should be readjusted to suit the torque settings outlined below:

  • G8.8 M12 Stud: 89Nm to 105Nm (Recommendation = 105Nm)
  • G8.8 M14 Stud: 141Nm to 168Nm (Recommendation = 155Nm)
  • G8.8 ½ Inch Stud: 115Nm to 138Nm (Recommendation 115Nm)
As a consequence to the above information, AOR are making some immediate adjustments to some of our practices:
  1. AOR are changing our torque settings to be in line with the above recommendations.
  2. We have included wheel stud checking as part of our service criteria. Part of the check will be a conversation with the customer to understand the history of wheel stud/nut management with appropriate ongoing strategies agreed within that conversation.
  3. AOR have made the decision to add wheel nut indicators to all new trailers that roll out from the beginning of September 2022. If you would like to purchase wheel nut indicators, please contact the AOR Service Department (the indicators will not be available until the start of September).
  4. If you are concerned about your status (history of over tightening etc) please get in touch with the service team.