Vin Number

Please be aware that your VIN number is welded to the chassis on top of the draw bar located at the front of the trailer, and on the VIN plate which is normally located on the side of draw bar behind the stone deflector.

Replacement Part Numbers



Shock Absorber

Part Number: custom made EFS shock absorber. Please contact AOR to purchase replacement shock absorbers.


Outback Armour Shock Absorbers

All trailers excluding Sierra – OASU 0164046
Sierra – OASU 0164045


Wheel Bearing
Comes with inner and outer bearing, hub seal and dust cover for 1 wheel

12 inch

Part Number: Alko Wheel Bearing Kit – 487001

12 inch

12 inch Cruise Master (VC) Wheel Bearing Kit – IOVT

Wheel Bearing Axle Seal

12 inch Part Number: Alko TC12143

12 inch Cruise Master (VC) Part Number: 31820

Positive Air Pressure Filter

9 inch Autoline Filter (Repco Part Number AE902)

Air Conditioner Filters
(In some models)

Fluff Filter Part Number 40090 – 64600
Particle Filter Part Number 40090 – 58100






Water Filters

  • Sediment Water Filter Cartridge:
    • AOR Caloundra: 1-FIL-FIS-02. 10″x 2.5″ Poly Spun Sediment Filter 1 Micron. $22 each plus freight or fitment
    • Bunnings Part Number: ,5090107 Stefani 5pm 250mm,  5090112 Stefani Twin Pack 5pm ppg-0510tp.
    • Water System Australia: Sediment filter cartridge – 10″x 2.5″ 1 Micron (Nominal) Poly Spun Sediment Cartridge – GT2-1K
  • Carbon Water Filter Cartridge:
    • AOR Caloundra: 1-FIL-FIS-03. 10″x 2.5″ H2-Blue Carbon Block Filter 1 Micron. $22 each plus freight or fitment
    • Part Number: 5091317 Stefani 250mm 5pm carbon block filter, 5090022 Stefani carbon 2pm filter, 5090114 Stefani green carbon filter.
    • Water System Australia:  Carbon filter cartridge – (CTO 2510-01) Pure Coconut Carbon Block Water Filter – 10″x2.5″ 1 Micron – GT4-6CTO